***NSAA Large Cast Production***We're coming back!!! Contact Christine Harvey to be involved

Our production will be "Cinderella Complex" in Feb 2022 at the Domino Theatre - tentative rehearsal schedule is below

Rehearsals will be:

Oct 2nd we might have some in person options to promote our show at the pumpkin festival - health regulations permitting :)

Starting Online on zoom rehearsals

Oct 9th  - 5:30-7 read through

Oct 16th - 5:30-7 read through

Oct 23rd - 5:30-7 practicing songs

Oct 30th -  5:30-7 practicing songs

Nov 6th - 5:30-7 Practicing scenes

Nov 13th - 5:30-7 Practicing scenes

Nov 20th - 5:30-7 read through

Nov 24th - 5:30-7 read through

Dec 4th - 5:30-7 Details and characterization

Dec 11th - 5:30-7 Details and characterization

Dec 18th - 5:30-7 Read through

In person rehearsals (at the Inverary Playhouse - 4750 Latimer Rd)

Jan 8th - 10 - 4 Blocking

Jan 15th - 10 - 4 Finish Blocking and start Choreograpy

Jan 22nd - 10 - 4 Choreograpy and Blocking and Costumes

Jan 29th - 10 - 4 Choreograpy and Blocking and Costumes

Feb 5th - 10 - 4 Complete rehearsal with costumes

In person rehearsals at the Domino Theatre

Monday, Feb 7th - 4pm-8pm - full rehearsal

Tuesday, Feb 8th - 4pm-8pm - (keep open just in case we need this rehearsal)

Wednesday, Feb 9th - 4pm-8pm full rehearsal

Thursday, Feb 10th - 4pm-8pm - (keep open just in case we need this rehearsal)

Performances at the Domino Theatre

Friday, Feb 11th - shows for schools 9:40am and 12:20pm - evening show at 7pm

Saturday, Feb 12th - Matinee 2pm - evening show 7pm

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